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Chef Tips

Chef Karen Barnaby - Beet Risotto with Prawns and Scallops

Organic Ocean is partnering with not-for-profit Goodly Foods Society with our Neighbours helping Neighbours initiative. What does this mean? 100 % of the sales dollars from these soups will be returned to Goodly Foods to support their amazing work.

*This recipe calls for Organic Ocean Spot Prawns & Scallops and Goodly Foods Beautiful Beet Soup. 


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Chef Brett Vibber's Legendary Spot Prawn Tip

Chef Vibber of WILD Arizona Cuisine knows a thing or two about spot prawns. He's even hauled them up himself off the F.V. Organic Ocean 1! Trust him when he says the spot prawns shells are essential in maximizing flavor in your dishes! Check out WILD Arizona Cuisine on FaceBook and pay a visit next time your in Phoenix! 

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