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Serve Up Stunning Holiday, Premium Wild-Caught Seafood Dishes

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Serve Up Stunning Holiday, Premium Wild-Caught Seafood Dishes

Christmas and New Year’s cooking and entertaining can add a whole lot of stress to the holiday season. So, often we fall back on the tried and true dishes we’re used to preparing. But it’s easy to add some new wrinkles to the traditional fare, or even do a whole menu makeover to wow family and guests.

You can delight and impress by adding premium wild-caught seafood to the holiday dishes you serve. And with the healthy festive suggestions below, you can garner rave reviews with as little or as much as your schedule allows.

Let’s have a look at Christmas and New Year’s dishes prepared with some of the most popular wild caught seafood featured on the Organic Ocean website.

Holiday Celebration Pack

So easy to prepare, the Celebration Pack will make your Christmas or New Year’s dinner one that guests and family will still be talking about when the 2023 season rolls around. The pack is the full meal deal, including a selection of appies (smoked chinook salmon, ocean shrimp, and Hokkaido scallops), a crab cake starter, a spot prawn bisque, and King Crab Legs. Christmas cooking will never be easier. But be warned: invite friends and they’ll be knocking on your door next year!

Mouth Watering Dungeness Crab Sections

Pre-cooked, just thaw, heat, and serve. Each of 4 crab sections is half a crab, with body meat, a claw, and four legs.  Oh so easy to prepare and serve … a squeeze of lemon or a bit of melted butter will have your dinner companions in heaven. Combine with the Fabulous Atlantic Lobster Split, for an assured seventh-heaven experience! 

Fabulous Atlantic Lobster Split

 Direct from Nova Scotia. Four 8-9 oz splits (claws removed and lobster split in half). Bake, grill, or broil right in the shell. Organic Ocean’s lobster splits are processed in such a way that the splits are tender, not chewy, providing a “melt-in-your-mouth” experience. Serve with Mouth Watering Dungeness Crab for a celebratory meal that will have you nominated for “host/hostess of the year”.

Finest Wild Sockeye Salmon

Skin-on, boneless filets were troll-caught in one of the best salmon fisheries in the world, the Fraser River mouth in the Strait of Georgia. For the pescatarian in your house, this is an eating experience that will be long relished. This unique treat, like a great steak, will be a bit more expensive than other sockeye options but highly coveted and well worth it (what sets them apart is their high healthy fat content and the processing that maintains the freshness you’d expect from sockeye caught and cooked the same day).

All the above suggestions feature wild-caught seafood. Each selection above requires a minimum of prep time and takes advantage of the amazing range of tastes to be enjoyed with the seafood selections we’ve highlighted. Christmas and New Year’s cooking will be as easy as it will be memorable for you and your guests.

Find all the premium wild caught seafood you need for simple, healthy Christmas dishes at Organic Ocean. And stay tuned for more cooking ideas! If you can’t wait, find out more recipe ideas from our chefs.

Happy holidays from the Organic Ocean crew!

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