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Succulent and Tender Squid Steaks


Organic Ocean - Wild Neon Flying Squid

Quick Information

  • Neon Flying Squid Steaks, approx 1 lb 
  • Price per pack. 
  • Approximately 3 steaks per pack.
  • Mechanically Tenderized, chemical free.
  • Wild product from Peru.
  • Mix and Match with other seafood items to create your own customized pack.
  • Your online purchase of wild squid steak makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.

What is Wild Neon Flying Squid?

Organic Ocean's wild neon flying squid are caught in Peruvian waters using jigs. Jigging is a hook and line fishery that uses lures that are lowered to depths where the squid feed. This type of fishing has negligible bycatch making it one of the more sustainable squid fishing methods. Neon Flying squid are also sometimes referred to as Japanese Flying squid and are extremely fast growing with a life span of one year. However a female squid will lay between 350,000 to 3.6 million eggs in it’s lifespan making it well adapted to maintain its population. Our wild neon flying squid steaks are cut from the body mantle, cleaned and then mechanically tenderized to enhance the dining experience. Chemical free, our steaks are low in calories and a delicious source of protein.

How to Cook Neon Flying Squid

Grilled, baked, fried or deep fried, Organic Ocean Neon Flying Squid Steaks are highly versatile on their own or as an ingredient in soups, salads, pasta dishes or stir fried. For best results, place the steaks on a plate and thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Check out our Chef Tips for some tasty recipe ideas.

Fun Fact - Neon flying squid can propel themselves at speeds of 11.2 m/s making them slightly faster than gold medalist Usain Bolt who averaged a mere 10.3 m/s at the 2012 London Summer Olympics