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Prawn Pack - You're Shrimply The Best Edition


Organic Ocean - Shrimp & Prawn Pack

This Shrimp & Prawn Pack Contains

  • 1lb - Wild Cooked/Peeled Ocean Shrimp - Ocean Wise
  • 1lb - Wild Blue Shrimp - Fair Trade Certified
  • 1lb - BC Wild Spot Prawns - Ocean Wise
  • 1lb - BC Wild Sidestripe Shrimp
  • Each variety of the shrimp and prawns are separately packaged
  • Your online purchase of this shellfish pack makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community

About this Shrimp & Prawn Pack

This pack is perfect for shrimp & prawn lovers, and features:
  • Ocean Shrimp are cooked, peeled and graded for size (250/350 ct) making it a super convenient, ready to eat dining experience.  Ready to thaw at a moment's notice to star in your weeknight meals, last-minute appetizers or late-night snacks.
  • Blue Shrimp are known for their succulent flavour, and Fair Trade Certified to meet Organic Ocean's commitment to sustainability.
  • Spot Prawns are the largest of our local prawns, and are a delicacy that are often times referred to as the best shrimp you'll ever taste! BC spot prawns are known for their elegant flavour, with a texture that's best described as buttery, and melt in your mouth.
  • Sidestripe Shrimp are the second largest local shrimp, and known for their clean and delicate flavour, and having a firm texture. 

How to Prepare Shrimp & Prawns 

For the best results, remove your shrimp and prawns from the packaging and thaw in the refrigerator overnight using a colander and bowl to catch the water. Cooking shrimp and prawns does not take long, only a minute or two - turning bright pink when ready. The Sidestripe shrimp may contain roe which is certainly edible and considered a delicacy by the culinary community. For recipes and inspiration, check out our Chef Tips for delicious shrimp & prawn recipes

Chef Tips

Chef Tips

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