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Sexy Spot Prawn Tails


1 lb tub
1/2 lb tub

Organic Ocean - Wild BC Spot Prawn Tails

Purchase Options: 

  • 1/2 lb tub 
  • 1 lb tub
  • One pound tubs contain approximately 20/30 spot prawns
  • Half-pound tubs contain approximately 10/15 spot prawns
  • Our spot prawns are sold by weight, and not number of prawns 

Quick Information

  • Wild BC Spot Prawn Tails - Ocean Wise.
  • Price per tub.
  • Headless, shell-on.
  • Frozen in saltwater.
  • 1/2 lb tubs are packed in plant based renewable packaging.  Our packaging is industrially compostable where such facilities exist and is recyclable.
  • Mix and Match with other seafood items to create your own customized pack.
  • Your online purchase of Wild BC Spot Prawns makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.

What is a Spot Prawn?

Wild BC Spot Prawns are a delicacy known around the world for their sweet and elegant flavour and firm texture. The largest of the commercially available shrimp found on the west coast of Canada, Organic Ocean BC Spot Prawns are sustainably harvested using baited traps. These traps have little impact on the sea bed and see very little bycatch making them a responsible choice for those that care about the environment. To make sure stocks remain strong, the BC Spot Prawn fishery only occurs once a year starting in May and runs for an average of 53 days.

How to Prepare Spot Prawns

For best results, thaw in the tub overnight in the refrigerator. Organic Ocean Spot Prawns are excellent when eaten raw as sashimi or crudo. If you choose to cook them, they are best cooked shell on - either boiled, sauteed or even on the BBQ, then easily peeled and ready to devour. The trick is not to overcook your prawns. To ensure your prawns are perfectly prepared, cook only one to two minutes or until the prawns just turn pink. For fun spot prawn cooking ideas, check out our Chef’s Tips here.

Fun fact - all BC Spot Prawns are hermaphrodites that are born males and then spend the final two years of their life as females.

Traceability Information

Current traceability data for Sexy Spot Prawn Tails is listed in the table below. The full traceability listing of all our products is also available for reference.

Common Name Latin Name Production Method Harvest Method Country of Origin FAO Region Processing Country Sustainability Ratings
Spot Prawn Pandalus platyceros Wild Pot/Trap Canada FAO 67 Canada OW, SWGA