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Wild West Pack - BC Salmon Edition


Organic Ocean - Wild BC Salmon Pack

This Salmon Pack Contains

  • 10 - Wild Sockeye Salmon Portions, Boneless, Individually Vacuum Packed, 6oz portions - Ocean Wise
  • 2 - Wild BC Heavenly Smoked Salmon, 227g Per Pack - Ocean Wise
  • 2 - Wild Irresistaible Pink Salmon Candy, 227g Per Pack - Ocean Wise
  • 1 - Wild BC Canned Sockeye Salmon - Ocean Wise
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About The Varieties of Salmon in this Pack

  • Sockeye Salmon has the reddest meat of any of the 5 species of wild salmon caught off the west coast of Canada and Alaska. Known for its firm texture and rich flavour, it's one of the most sought-after of the wild salmon species.
  • Smoked Salmon is often times an alternative to salmon lox. Our smoked salmon is cured with non-iodized salt, brown sugar, naturally cold smoked with our special blend of hardwoods, then conveniently sliced for easy serving.
  • Pink Salmon Candy is also referred to as salmon jerky, and our recipe has 4 simple ingredients: wild pink salmon, brown sugar, non-iodized salt, then hot smoked with natural hardwoods. This product is sliced for easy snacking.
  • Canned Salmon is an easy way to prepare a quick meal, or while you're on the go. Organic Ocean's canned sockeye salmon was developed by celebrated sustainable seafood chef, Robert Clark. Using only all natural ingredients with no added oils or water, our canned salmon is flavour packed and unrivaled.

How to Prepare Salmon in this Pack

There are numerous ways to prepare the salmon in this pack. You can grill our Wild Sockeye Salmon Portions on red cedar plank for that great smokey flavour. Smoked salmon is great on a toasted bagel or smoked salmon eggs benedict. Canned salmon is great right out of the can for cold salads, or added to hot dishes. And you can cook this all while snacking on our delicous Pink Salmon Candy! Discover more salmon recipes in our Chef Tips.