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Five Reasons Why You Should Skip The Grocery-store Fish Counter

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Five Reasons Why You Should Skip The Grocery-store Fish Counter

There are those lucky enough to have a local (hopefully honest) fishmongers nearby or fortunate to live close to a fishing port. The rest of us have very few options and end up buying Seafood at grocery stores. We don't believe in nay-saying but we do believe in being honest, and that means that buying Seafood at your grocery store could be a bad idea. We wanted to share some educational facts on why you might decide to skip your next trip to your grocery store's fish counter.

Top Five Reasons to Avoid Grocery Store Fish

1. Potentially Raised On Antibiotics

Every year in Canada, antibiotic-resistant bacteria sicken about 980,000 people. Researchers at University of Saskatchewan examined 51 samples of Seafood being sold in Canadian grocery stores (having been previously imported from varying countries). In 17% percent of these tested specimens, researchers discovered bacteria such as E.coli, insinuating they carried antibiotic resistant strains. So this is a frightening number given that CFIA regulations require that a mere 5% of our imported seafood to be tested.

2. Mislabeling

Known as “fish fraud”, between the years 2010 to 2012, Oceana, a conservation foundation, sampled 1,215 seafood specimens from about 670 retail stores in North America. While testing the DNA, they discovered that 33% were mislabeled! One of the reasons mislabeling has gotten so out of hand is that in North America 90% of seafood imported and just over 1% is inspected for "fish fraud". Any product you buy at Organic Ocean shows you traceability information, so that you know exactly where it comes from. (see example)

3. How Long Has It Been On Display?

Unless you live VERY local to a body of water, then your "fresh" fish cannot in fact be fresh. Many stores display "Previously Frozen”, while others will happily skip proper labeling or position it in very small print. Ever wonder how long that grocery store "fresh fish" has been out before it ends up in your basket? Typical industry standard is about 7-10 days, with the end results being a barely adequate, often fishy smelling piece of seafood.

4. Good Fish Doesn't Smell Fishy

Fish that is fresh out of the ocean has no odour except that of the ocean. However, when left out in the air for a couple of days then you'll get that fishy stink. Have you ever noticed how grocery store fish counters tend to smell fishy? That's because of a molecule named TMAO. Whenever a fish dies and is exposed to air, like at the grocery store, this molecule starts to break-down and emits that fishy stink.

5. Wild Caught Seafood is Rare

About 74% of the Seafood you buy in a Canadian grocery store is imported. The rest of the seafood in the store is usually farmed. Even worse, over 75% of our own Canadian seafood is exported to other countries because Canada is known for premium quality seafood - we don't even get our own good stuff! Wild caught Canadian seafood, from regulated Canadian waters and fisheries, is exceptionally rare… especially when it comes to salmon. The reason wild caught fish is always the best comes down to superior flavour and healthy fats. Beyond that when you buy Canadian fish, you are supporting Canadian Fisher-men or women.

Why Organic Ocean is Different (and better)

We didn't write this article to panic you and take an oath to that you'll never eat seafood again... We wrote it so you felt informed to make a better choice. Organic Ocean only sells artisan-ally harvested, wild caught, sustainable and premium tasting seafood. Everything we sell is blast frozen at its peak freshness. When buying from us there's no smell, no fraud, and ZERO dangerous additives or chemicals. Our #1 goal is to help Canadians skip the traditional hassle of getting seafood at the grocery store and get healthy seafood delivered straight to their door so they can get the BEST tasting seafood on their plates and maintain good health. But hey, don't take our word for it, check out our customer reviews!