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Sensual Smoked Sablefish Fillet


Rankings & Certifications:

Organic Ocean Cold Smoked Sablefish Fillet

Quick Information

  • BC Cold Smoked Sablefish (Black Cod) Fillet, Skin-on - Ocean Wise 
  • Price per fillet.
  • Boneless.
  • Frozen - Individually Vacuum Packed
  • All natural and additive free.
  • Product of Canada, processed and packed in Canada.
  • Raised in Kyuquot Sound.
  • Mix and Match with other seafood items to create your own customized pack.
  • Your online purchase of Sensual Smoked Sablefish Fillets makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.

How Do We Make Our Smoked Sablefish?

Our smoked sablefish is cured with non-iodized salt and then naturally cold smoked with our own special blend of hardwoods. We then remove the pin bones and vacuum pack and freeze each individual fillet. Sablefish is an excellent candidate for smoking, because its fat content helps prevent it from drying out. Want to learn more about how our sablefish fillets are grown? Then check out our Silky Sablefish Fillet product info here.

How to Prepare Smoked Sablefish

Pierce the vacuum packed bag to let air enter and thaw in the refrigerator overnight for optimum results. Smoked sablefish is wonderful on a toasted bagel, as a smoky addition to a seacuterie board or create your own delectable smoked sablefish dip. Excellent in stews, chowders, added to scrambled eggs or omelettes, your options are endless for a sumptuous addition to everyday classics.

Traceability Information

Common Name Latin Name Production Method Harvest Method Country of Origin FAO Region Processing Country Sustainability Ratings
Sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria Farmed Open Net Canada FAO 67 Canada OW, SWBC
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Chef Tips

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