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About Us

What happened when you created Organic Ocean?

Very quickly a chef discovered us. Then he told three chefs and each of those three chefs told three more chefs. Word spread rapidly and before long we were supplying seafood from coast to coast. It didn’t end there though. Canadian chefs began talking Organic Ocean up with chefs around the world. We now count among our customers, award-winning chefs in many of the world’s leading culinary centers.

Where are you located?

We are based in British Columbia, the birthplace of those NGOs, like Greenpeace, Ocean Wise, and SeaChoice, which founded the marine conservation movement. It’s no coincidence then, that where the benchmark for environmentally and socially responsible seafood production was established, value over volume would become the norm for our fisheries. Organic Ocean’s discriminating clientele recognize that by making the best choices for our oceans, they are also receiving the finest ultra premium seafood.

When did the “Organic Ocean at Home” program start?

There is a hint of irony in the fact that our very first customers were retail consumers who would come down to the dock to buy our fish. Then the chefs started buying from us and, well, you know the story.

With a global presence, we were among the first to figure out the pandemic was coming our way. Recognizing that there was still a need for healthy nutritious food we began exploring options to keep the seafood supply chain flowing. In April 2020, we went back to our roots and launched the “Organic Ocean at Home” program so that we could deliver seafood to homes in and around the Greater Vancouver Area.

That proved a winning formula and in early 2021, we made our on-line fish market a permanent fixture and extended our reach to include Quebec and every province west of Quebec through the launch of overnight/next day delivery service. This has provided seafood lovers across the country with access to the same great fish that has been largely exclusive to those who live on the west coast. This was the same proposition we made to the chefs and they loved it and it appears that home cooks and foodies in places like Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal are loving it too.

Where does the seafood come from?

Much of our seafood is harvested or produced in British Columbia, although we do source some products that are not available locally. Our seafood comes from wild capture fisheries, Indigenous harvesters, and responsible aquaculture with everything we supply required to meet or exceed the highest sustainable and socially responsible production standards. By connecting the producers with the consumers, we are generating and distributing value to both.