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Family Pack - Set The Table Edition


Family Sized Seafood Dinners

What's included with the Family Pack:

  • 2 pcs - Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Skin-on, Boneless - Ocean Wise
  • 4 pcs - Wild BC Halibut Portions - 6oz each, Skinless, Vacuum Packed - Ocean Wise
  • 4 pcs - Wild BC Lingcod Portions - 6oz each, Skin-On, Vacuum Packed - Ocean Wise
  • 2 pcs - Wild Albacore Haidacore™ Tuna Loin - Ocean Wise
  • 2 pks - Hokkaido Dry Scallops, 1lb/pk - Ocean Wise
  • 2 pks - Wild Blue Shrimp, 1lb/pk - Fair Trade Certified

Organic Ocean Family Pack

Whether it's for family or hosting guests, the Organic Ocean Family Pack is perfect for when you have to Set the Table to feed a bunch of hungry people all craving a seafood dinner buffet. This pack is also great for seafood lovers who want to prepare a different meal each and everyday. With approximately 40 servings in this pack, we assure you there will be more than enough to go around. 

You're getting a lot of seafood, which is why we've frozen, and individually sealed each of these items for easy storage in your freezer at home. Additionally, this careful process ensures Organic Ocean's strict standards for health and quality are maintained. 

Additionally, your online purchase of this seafood pack makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.

Additional Information

At Organic Ocean, our careful handling and packaging techniques ensure you're getting a product that tastes as fresh as the day it was caught. And we do it in a 100% sustainable fashion.

In the lower mainland, your product is delivered in a refrigerated truck. For all other locations in Canada, it's carefully packed in insulated recyclable packaging with dry ice to maintain food safety, cold-chain, and quality.

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