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Tasty Lingcod Portion


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Wild British Columbia (BC) Lingcod

Quick Information

  • Wild British Columbian (BC) Lingcod Portions, vacuum packed - Ocean Wise
  • Sold in 6oz portions, skin-on, and priced per portion
  • Boneless
  • Mix and match with other à la carte items to create your own customized seafood pack
  • Your online purchase of Wild BC Lingcod makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now

What is Wild BC Lingcod?

Our wild Tasty Lingcod Portions are troll caught - meaning they’re selectively caught with a single hook and line making it one of the most sustainable forms of fishing. We catch our Lingcod off the westcoast of Vancouver Island which is off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Did you know lingcod is a fish with an identity crisis? That's right, the lingcod isn't actually in the cod family like Pacific cod or Pollock but it’s still one of the best tasting fish you’ll ever savour.

Lingcod is a fish with an identity crisis, but the most confusing part is how does such an ugly fish taste so delicious? Our Tasty Lingcod Portions have a mild sweet flavor, and deliver a firm flakey texture. Considered the poor man’s halibut, Lingcod is a delicacy without the luxury price tag.

How to Cook Lingcod

This Pacific Ocean gem is incredibly flexible in the ways you can prepare it. Lingcod is great on the grill, pan seared, smoked, air fried and baked. You can even prepare this into the best fish and chips you've ever had! Need help with ideas, check out our Chef Tips on how to cook Lingcod.

Traceability Information

Common Name Latin Name Production Method Harvest Method Country of Origin FAO Region Processing Country Sustainability Ratings
Lingcod Ophiodon elongatus Wild Troll Canada FAO 67 Canada OW, SWGA
Chef Tips

Chef Tips

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