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Neighbours Helping Neighbours

We started our business by selling fish to neighbours from the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf. Chef Robert Clark discovered us, started telling his friends, and before long, we were supplying seafood – almost all of which came from the cold, clear waters of British Columbia – to chefs around the world.

When we realized that we’d no longer be able to get seafood to people through restaurants, we decided to return to our roots and figure out how to get safe, tasty and nutritious protein to our neighbours.

We also want to keep the seafood supply chain rolling from fishermen to those who process and deliver, because we just don’t know how long we’re going to need to weather this storm. As fishermen, we know a thing or two about weathering storms.

This kind of challenge is in our wheelhouse.

It may be difficult for many people to safely access healthy food and we believe we can help. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Chef Karen Barnaby and her team at the Goodly Foods Society, a non-profit that, among many good things, makes nutritious food available to the most vulnerable through donations to local charities and food banks across Metro Vancouver. Vancity Credit Union has also stepped up and is helping us out too. Yet another example of neighbours helping neighbours.

So, we’ve pivoted.

For as long as required, we’re going to be a social enterprise aimed at providing great seafood at wholesale prices to our neighbours. We’ve developed a super easy online seafood ordering system (even our boss can do it and he still uses a fax machine) and we’re set up to safely deliver to your home using best practices prescribed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.


Stay healthy,

Your neighbours at Organic Ocean Seafood