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Sushi Pack - That's The Way We Roll Edition


This pack contains: 
(1 pc) Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Skin-on, Boneless - Ocean Wise
(2 pcs) Wild Albacore Haidacore™ Tuna 1/2 Loin , Hook and Line Caught - Ocean Wise 
(1 pk) Hokkaido Dry 30/40 Scallops, 1 lb/pk - Ocean Wise 
(1 tub) Wild BC Spot Prawn Tails, 1 lb tub - Ocean Wise
(1 btl) Mitsukan Sushi Su (Vinegar), 365 ml
(1 pk) Marafuji Nigata Koshibuki Rice, 1 lb/pk
(1 tube) Yamachu Neri Wasabi, 45 g
(1 pk) Motoi Yankinori Gold, 10 pc
(1 btl) Yamasa Marudaizu Soy Sauce, 200 ml
(1 btl) Kewpi Mayonnaise, 450 g
(1 jar) Pickled Ginger, 340 g
(1 box) Ujinotusyu Sencha Teabag, 40 g
(1 pc) Bamboo Mat
* Approximately 16 servings per pack, $9.15 per serving.
* Contains all the ingredients to make sushi at home.
* The perfect kit for family and friend sushi fun. 
* This pack contains frozen seafood and shelf stable condiments.
* In the lower mainland, product is delivered in a refrigerated truck.  For all other locations in Canada it is packed in insulated recyclable packaging with dry ice to maintain food safety, cold-chain and quality. 
* Your purchase of this pack makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.