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The Antler Kitchen Pack - The Hunter Chef Edition


The Hunter Chef Cookbook

Quick Information

  • 1 Book - Signed copy of The Hunter Chef Cookbook
  • 4 - Wild Sockeye Salmon, 6oz Portions, Boneless & Skin-on - Ocean Wise
  • 4 - Wild BC Halibut Portions, 6oz Portions, Boneless & Skinless - Ocean Wise
  • 1 - Wild BC Spot Prawn Tails, 1lb container - Ocean Wise
  • 1 - Hokkaido Dry Scallops (Japanese), 1lb pack, Approximately 30/40 Scallops per 1lb Package
  • Your online purchase of this seafood and cookbook pack makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community.

About the Hunter Chef Cookbook 

Organic Ocean partnered with Chef Michael Hunter, Owner of the Antler Kitchen and Bar in Toronto to celebrate the release of "The Hunter Chef Cookbook - Hunt, Fish, and Forage in over 100 Recipes" and the seafood found in this pack is the same seafood used in a number of recipes in Chef Hunter's cookbook.

How to Prepare Seafood in this Pack

We hope it's really obvious, but just in case it's not, The Hunter Chef Cookbook will walk you through the steps necessary to prepare a delicious meal, and Organic Ocean already did the fishing for you. And if foraging for vegetables and produce isn't your thing, head to a farmer's market or grocery store near you.