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SLR Gourmet Salt and Spice Blends


Montreal Spice
Citrus Salt
Herbs of Provence Salt
BBQ Spices

St Lawrence Restaurant Gourmet Salt and Spice Blends

Quick Information

  • Price per 3oz jar.
  • 4 unique gourmet salt and spice blends - Citrus Salt, Montreal Spice, Herbs of Provence Salt, BBQ Spices.
  • The perfect compliment to our seafood.
  • Your online purchase of STL Spice and Salts makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.

About the St. Lawrence Restaurant (SLR).

A heartfelt homage to Chef/Owner Jean-Christophe (J-C) Poirier’s heritage, formative years in Quebec and early experience in renowned Montréal restaurants, St. Lawrence offers a marriage of classic French cuisine and the gastronomic identity and culture of Les Québécois. Since opening in 2017, St. Lawrence has been singled out for numerous accolades, including: No. 4 on enRoute magazine’s 2018 list of Canada’s Best New Restaurants; Vancouver Magazine awards for Best New Restaurant (2018), Restaurant of the Year (2018 and ’19), Chef of the Year (2019), and gold awards for Best Gastown and Best French (2019 and ’20); and consecutive top-five spots on the prestigious annual ranking of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants (No. 5 in 2019, No. 2 in ’20).

About the Gourmet Salt and Spice Blends.

Created by award winning chef, JC Poirer - 4 masterful blends of salts and spices are sure to accentuate any of your seafood meals. The Montreal Spice blend is the perfect compliment for rich and hearty seafood like our Super Natural Sockeye Salmon. The Citrus Salt can be enjoyed on just about any seafood but works great with Organic Ocean Flavourful Rockfish Fillets. The Herbs of Provence Salt is reminiscent of evenings in an outdoor cafe in France enjoying Succulent and Tender Squid in the fine Mediterranean climate. While the BBQ spice adds another level of umami to our Silky Sablefish Fillets. Check out these wonderful JC Poirer inspired recipes here.  Available in 3 oz. glass jars, why not add one or all to your order today?

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