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Exotic Mediterranean Pack - Rock the Casbah Edition


Organic Ocean - Exotic Mediterranean Pack

Exotic Mediterranean Pack Information

  • 3 - Wild BC Rockfish Fillets, Boneless & Skinless
  • 1 jar - Salted Lemon and Nori Preserve (250g)
  • 1 tin - Za'atar Spice Blend (100g)
  • Your online purchase of the Exotic Mediterranean Pack makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now

Exotic Mediterranean Pack

Famous for its varied taste, textures, versatility, and renowned health benefits, it was only a matter of time before we had to introduce our Mediterranean inspired package for a touch of the exotic.

Here at Organic Ocean, we think combining Organic Fair’s earthy and savoury Za’atar blend with The Preservatory’s sweet and salty Preserved Lemon along with our premium longline rockfish fillets creates the perfect exceptional dish. This simple and easy combination will transport you and your family to the shores of the Mediterranean any time of the year. Watch how easy it is to prepare this exotic dish in our Chef Tips.

How to use Za'atar Spice Blend

First appearing in Egypt during the time of the pharos, the regional variants of the spice blend Za’atar, has secured a place in home kitchens from Morocco to Turkey, and throughout the Middle East. We love it on all our seafood but it's just as versatile on vegetables, other proteins or in dips. Sprinkle some on Mediterranean flatbread with arugula and our signature smoked salmon and watch your guests try to resist this flavour bomb.

Traceability Information

Current traceability data for Exotic Mediterranean Pack - Rock the Casbah Edition is listed in the table below. The full traceability listing of all our products is also available for reference.

Common Name Latin Name Production Method Harvest Method Country of Origin FAO Region Processing Country Sustainability Ratings
Rougheye Rockfish Sebastes aleutianus Wild Longline Canada FAO 67 Canada