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Surf and Turf Pack - Nice To Sea You Edition


This pack contains: 

(2 pks) Boneless Ribeye Beef Steak, 10 - 12 oz/steak, 1 stk/pk
(2 pks) Boneless Striploin Beef Steak, 8 - 10 oz/steak, 1 stk/pk
(2 pks) Flat Iron Beef Steak, 6 oz/steak, 2 stk/pk
(1 tub) Wild BC Spot Prawn Tails, 1 lb tub - Ocean Wise
(1 pk) Hokkaido Dry Scallops 1 lb (approx 30 - 430 pcs)/pk - Ocean Wise  
(1 pk) Wild Blue Shrimp 1 lb (approx 21-25 pcs)/pk - Fair Trade Certified 
* We've partnered with our good friends at Two Rivers Specialty Meats to provide you with our own BC version of Surf and Turf.
* All product is frozen and only available for shipments within BC.
* Western Canadian beef raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones.
* Packed with care and extra consideration to health and quality.
* Delivered in refrigerated trucks to maintain food safety, cold-chain and quality.