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All Natural BBQ Grill Scraper


All Natural BBQ Grill Scraper

Quick Information

  • Price per unit.
  • Made in Canada from Western Red Cedar. 
  • 12 Inches in length.
  • Safe to use on ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel and cast iron. 
  • A perfect compliment to our seafood.
  • Your online purchase of the All Natural BBQ Grill Scraper makes it possible for us to donate food for two nutritious meals to people in your community who need help right now.

What is an All Natural Grill Scraper?

Our Grill Scraper is made on Vancouver Island from Western Red Cedar.  By prepping the scraper using a hot grate, you can create a customized scraper with grooves that fit perfectly for your own individual BBQ.  Perfect and safe to use on all grill surfaces. Using the wooden All Natural BBQ Grill Scraper guarantees that no more dangerous metal bristles can fall off and get into your food, mouth or gums.

How do I use the Grill Scraper 

Make sure your cooking grill is hot, as the high heat will quickly create grooves on your scraper, Using firm pressure, start scraping your hot grill from front to back until initial grooves appear.  Once initial groves have formed, high heat is no longer necessary for grill cleaning.  Your scraper will get better overtime as it forms to the shape of your grill. Checkout our other BBQ friendly collections here for your outdoor grilling needs.

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