Mediterranean Mussels

Mediterranean Mussels Cultured Mediterranean mussels are grown without the use of feeds or chemicals. No new food nutrients are added to the ecosystem, as the Mediterranean mussels simply filter out plankton from the tidal waters that pass through their gill filaments. Prolific and quick-growing, these mollusks are well suited to sustainable cultivation on the B.C. coast where they improve local water conditions by removing excess algae, nutrients and sediment as they filter feed. The young Mediterranean mussels are suspended on mesh ropes from rafts in nutrient-rich waters. At harvest time, ropes covered with plump Mediterranean mussels are lifted into boats and the mussels are carefully removed.

Having won two international taste awards, Mediterranean mussels are larger, wider, plumper, sweeter and more tender than the other commercially available mussels. Mediterranean mussels are shipped live with their beards on to maintain quality and shelf life. Their large size makes the Mediterranean mussel ideal for serving stuffed or on the half shell.