Humboldt Squid

Humboldt Squid Growing to more than six feet in length, the Humboldt (or jumbo flying) squid sink to watery depths during the day and, at night, rise to the surface where they use their incredible low-light vision to feed voraciously on a diet of shrimp, hake and other small fish. These marine mammoths have an interesting ability to alter their appearance through bioluminescence in which they can rapidly change their colour from deep red to pearly white providing the jumbo cephalopods with a measure of camouflage, both from predators and prey alike.

Humboldt squid grow quickly and reproduce at a young age, making them highly resilient to fishing pressure and jigging the Humboldt squid one at a time by hook and line provides for negligible habitat and bycatch concerns. As the largest of all commercial squid and with a thick walled, sweet, and tender flesh, the Humboldt is particularly well suited to calamari steaks in addition to more traditional calamari dishes.