About Us

We are in­de­pen­dent West Coast fish­er­men who be­lieve a bal­ance must be main­tained be­tween our tra­di­tional way of life and the im­pact on the fish­eries. By adopt­ing ocean-friendly, sus­tain­able and re­spon­si­ble har­vest­ing prac­tices, we are pro­vid­ing the finest seafood to those who care about what they eat and who want to en­sure the long term health of the resource for the ben­e­fit of fu­ture gen­er­a­tions.

While our fish and shellfish are coveted by the leading chefs who are determined to make environmentally friendly seafood choices and select sustainable options and the finest ingredients for their menus, our seafood isn't for everyone. For those who don't value quality, traceability and the environment, there are alternatives.

Steve Johansen

Steve Johansen grew up in a fishing family on Hornby Island. Upon graduation from high school, he followed his father into the business and participated in the first fishery of the season to the last. As the seasons became compressed, Steve recognized that the future lay in focusing on the sustainable fisheries and realizing full value from the catch by marketing directly to the chefs. He was soon established as a trusted supplier and looked to for his expertise in seafood and seafood sustainability.

Dane Chauvel

With a $1,500 loan from his father, Dane Chauvel bought his first fishboat at age 17 and used his fishing income to fund an education that earned him degrees from the University of British Columbia and the University of Western Ontario. He then spent several years in the technology industry while maintaining an active interest in the family fishing business. In 2008, Dane decided to leave high tech and become a fulltime fisherman. His two boys, Peter and Paul, have spent every summer on the boat since they were in preschool and are now using their crew shares to support their university education.

Frank Keitsch

Frank Keitsch is a second generation fisherman, who started fishing with his father over 30 years ago. After spending his first summer holidays on his dad's boat, he knew that he had found his calling. He bought his first boat at the age of 19 and has been making his living at sea ever since. Frank has practiced sustainable fishing his entire career, so it was a natural fit when he joined the team at Organic Ocean. Top quality has always been Frank's main commitment while he's out fishing, and he is a firm believer that such products should be available to the chefs that share his passion.